SBIR Phase I:Efficient CO2 Gas Capture and Solution Storage

Period of Performance: 01/01/2008 - 12/31/2008


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Thoughtventions, Inc.
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Principal Investigator


This Small Business Innovation Research Phase 1 project will develop a technique to capture CO2 gas from a combustion exhaust stream and transform it into a water soluble form for sequestration. Enzyme-loaded particles are seeded through the combustion exhaust to absorb CO2, and convert the CO2 into a water soluble form. The CO2 is then washed from the particles, which are recycled to repeat the process. Removing a specific gas from a large, quickly-flowing volume of gas rapidly and at low cost is a difficult problem, but an important one to solve because of the contribution of CO2 release to global warming. Enzyme-laden particles will be developed, together with modeling of the CO2 capture process to define concept potential and guide experiment design, fabrication, and analysis. A Phase 1 particle gas absorber device will be designed together with an experiment that can be used to test the CO2 removal device. The Phase 1 CO2 gas absorber experimental test device will be fabricated and used to perform experiments to measure the performance of a CO2 capture device and to compare its performance with modeling. Commercial application will target CO2 emissions from power plant exhausts. The broader impact/commercial potential from this technology could create a practical method of capturing and storing CO2 released from combustion processes. A CO2 absorber particle will be developed, together with a technique to use the particles to efficiently remove CO2 from a combustion gas exhaust stream. Not only do the particles absorb the CO2, but they convert it to a storable, water soluble form. This program seeks to lessen the costs associated with global warming.