Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Littoral Undersea Warfare

Period of Performance: 05/09/2006 - 08/26/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Signal Systems Corporation
1127-B Benfield Blvd Array
Millersville, MD 21108
Principal Investigator


SSC will develop methods to automatically fuse high clutter rate active and passive sonar contact information with improved data registration. Using its active sonar system performance model it will augment its active/passive fusion models and conduct system studies to determine operational concepts that improve detection, classification and localization of subsurface targets. SSC will implement Bayesian track-before detect technology, a new OMI concept that leverages spatial reasoning within advanced acoustic based buoy positioning software. SSC and Boeing will conduct Monte-Carlo warfare fighting analysis of passive/active sonar fusion to identify the field deployment patterns and sensor capabilities needed for both search and localization phases of the ASW mission. Our Phase I technical objectives are: 1. Develop an operational concept that improves subsurface target detection, classification and localization performance on multiple passive and active sensors. 2. Develop simulated data that enables passive/active acoustic sensor fusion research, 3. Enhance passive sonar sensor field fusion 4. Perform active/passive sonar data fusion 5. Enhance active sonar data fusion 6. Develop sonar/radar data fusion approaches 7. Provide a preliminary concept to optimize operator machine interface in the performance of a multistatic, multisensor based tactical ASW scenario. BENEFITS: This effort will develop and demonstrate an operational concept and candidate sensor fusion algorithms that improve subsurface target detection, classification and localization performance on multiple passive and active sensors. The SSC goal is to obtain funding from NAVAIR in Phase II to develop and demonstrate the Multisensor Data Fusion System capability suitable for ASW operations. Results of these spiral development and insertion efforts, as focused by Boeing, would be transitioned for use aboard the new MMA aircraft. If selected for inclusion in the MMA software suite, SSC will pursue commercialization in Phase III as a small business subcontractor with Boeing. We will negotiate, using our SBIR data rights, with NAVAIR and Boeing for the right to develop application software in accordance with a Boeing defined common operating environment. Generally speaking our lower indirect rate structure offers to the government and prime contractors a best value for developing application software such as LEPE ad ECTS.