Composite, High-Temperature Seals for Gas Separation Membrane Devices

Period of Performance: 01/01/2004 - 12/31/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Technology Holding, LLC
825 North 300 West Array
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Principal Investigator
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76066-The availability of reliable, high temperature seal material is considered a significant hurdle for the commercial implementation of membrane technologies, needed in a variety of advanced power systems. As an example, the major benefits of a membrane reactor (e.g., its purity, selectivity, and efficiency) are compromised when the seal material is inadequate. This project will develop a composite material concept to address the limitations of the present seal material. The constituents of the composite will collectively meet the requirements for a high temperature seal material, while individually addressing issues related to long-term stability. In Phase I, the individual components of the composite material will be synthesized and characterized for their functionality. Then, the composite will be evaluated for seal effectiveness, and for long-term and thermal cycle stability. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits as described by the awardee: In addition to their use in power systems, the high temperature seals should have numerous applications in gas separation and purification (for example, oxygen for medical and semiconductor use, hydrogen for chemical reactors and as an on-board fuel), chemical reactors (e.g., for the economical upgrading of low-grade fuels), and energy conversion devices (fuel cells).