Optimized Superconducting Quadrupole Arrays for Multiple Beam Transport

Period of Performance: 01/01/2004 - 12/31/2004


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc.
328A West Hibiscus Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

Lawrence Livermore National Lab
P.O.Box 808
Livermore, CA 94551
Institution POC


76295-Beam transport in inertial fusion induction accelerators requires reliable, compact, and low cost superconducting quadrupole arrays. To correct the field at the outer edges of an array, and to reduce the stray magnetic field to meet the requirements of the surrounding induction cores needed for acceleration, an elaborate system of coils is required. This project will address this problem by developing reliable, cost-effective quadrupole arrays that meet the requirements of multi-beam fusion accelerators. Phase I will devote special attention to the required edge termination scheme for an array 3 x 3 cells. The design of the array quadrupole cells will be based on magnets that have been recently developed and successfully built for a heavy ion transport experiment. A complete three-dimensional mathematical model of a 3 x 3 array will be developed to determine an optimized edge termination scheme. Also, a cost-effective cryostat for the quadrupole array will be designed. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits as described by the awardee: Applications of the quadrupole arrays are expected to find use in future heavy ion fusion accelerators for research and power generation. In addition, reliable, cost-effective quadrupole arrays could find applications in scalable quadrupole systems for magnetic separation.