Conversion of Static Models and Stimulus Files to Digital Test Interface Format (DTIF)

Period of Performance: 05/18/2000 - 02/18/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Support Systems Assoc., Inc.
Marina Towers709 S Harbor City Blvd Ste 350
Melbourne, FL 32901
Principal Investigator


Differences in digital functional test source file formats and tool usage requirements can complicate the manual translation from one format to another. The involved complexities and high count occurrences of needed operations clearly require the use of modern automated software and computers. One instance of a need for digital test information translation is apparent in the case of LASAR V files. The files were generally developed on VAX or Sun computer based tools and have become obsolete and unusable without conversion tools to update them to newer versions of LASAR or preferably the IEEE 1445 standard for digital test interchange format (DTIF). PC based tools would by far be the preferable methodology for doing this translation because the overhead and system management required for the VAX and Sun Sparc systems can add excessive costs to any comparable effort. What is needed is a PC based set of tools for conversion of LASAR V data files to IEEE-1445 DTIF format and a comparable translation from the DTIF to LASAR VI. The associated proposal discusses an approach for researching, developing, producing, and commercializing such a tool. Many organizational entities have substantial investments, in digital test information, held in LASAR V file format. Production of a low cost conversion tool that executes on a PC platform would allow substantial costs avoidance in comparison to using similar tools that might be produced for the Vax or Sun workstation environments. These savings come in the form of reduced tool development costs, reduced platform support costs, and reduced platform costs. The many organizations that will be seeking to maintain their investments through translating to a modern and internationally standardized format will be looking for the most cost effective way to achieve their objective. Through this research and development effort, SSAI intends to supply its customers with a tool that meets this need. The tool will allow legacy LASAR V and DTIF formatted test information to be read and maintained in a platform and simulator independent manner. Additionally, the tool will allow conversion to LASAR VI for re-simulation and usage of the test information on specific test platforms.