Minimally-Intrusive Real-Time Temperature and Composition Sensor for Combustor Applications

Period of Performance: 03/30/2000 - 12/30/2000


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Spectral Sciences, Inc.
4 Fourth Avenue Array
Burlington, MA 01803
Principal Investigator


An innovative minimally-intrusive sensor is proposed for monitoring the hot gas stream at the turbine inlet of high performance aircraft gas turbine engines. A passive fiber-optic probe and remote readout device are used to collect and analyze the spatially resolved spectral signature of the hot gas in the combustor/turbine flow path. Advanced information processing techniques are used to extract the average temperature, temperature pattern factor, and chemical composition in real-time.The proposed approach should provide real-time temperature and chemical species sensing capability for multiple-point monitoring of high temperature and high pressure flow at the combustor exit with application as an engine development diagnostic tool, and ultimately, as a real-time active control component for high performance gas turbines. The proposed sensor will have immediate application in gas-turbine research where it would provide experimental verification of computed combustor properties. It will also serve as an enabler technology for real-time active combustion control systems. In the near term it would be applied commercially for monitoring and control of gas-turbines, industrial boilers, internal combustion engines and other combustion sources.