Development of Air Film Damping for Turbine Engine Applications

Period of Performance: 05/05/2000 - 02/05/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Damping Technologies, Inc.
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Principal Investigator


Previous research regarding air film damping has taken place to investigate the feasibility of the concept for control of vibration induced high-cycle fatigue (HCF) in gas turbine engine components. To establish this goal, current commercially available finite element analysis software was utilized to develop a methodology for predicting the effects of air film damping on dynamic response of simple components such as beams and plates. Test articles were fabricated according to the designs, and experimental results were compared to the analysis, with good correlation. The outcome is a step-by-step procedure for design of Damping Technologies, Inc. Air Film Damping (DTI/AFD) configurations.The objective of this proposed Phase I program is to apply the (DTI/AFD) methodology to design a suitable air film damping system for a selected turbine engine component, fabricate the air film damping system, and verify that the predicted performance is achieved. In addition, tasks will be included to address durability issues. The Phase I program is expected to refine the design methodology further, yield specific component geometries for selected structural dynamics of a particular turbine engine component, fabricate hardware incorporating the design, and demonstrate the performance of the damping system via bench tests.