Force Protection Training Technology

Period of Performance: 05/18/2000 - 02/18/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Ontar Corp.
9 Village Way
North Andover, MA 01845
Principal Investigator


The Air Force must have the capability to rapidly deploy airmen to any locations around the globe. Frequently these troops are assembled from units located at different bases. For example, the medical unit may come from one location, while the communications crew is from another. Not only are the units unfamiliar with each other, but they may also not have the detailed knowledge of location where they are to be deployed, as well as the specifics of the task. There is a need for training beginning at the initiation of the assignment through their arrival at the theater of operation.Recent trends favor accomplishing required training through advanced distributed learning (ADL) methods. ADL is formal, institutionally based learning activities where the instructor and student are separated from each other geographically. The primary objective of ADL is to extend the learning environment for anywhere-anytime training/learning. In the program we will implement the framework for Client/Server PSYOP training and demonstrate the feasibility of the concept. The proposed program will develop skill training procedures for force protection personnel using new and innovative solutions for on-board network based training.At the conclusion of Phase we will deliver to the USAF a Advanced Distributive Learning training system. We anticipate commercial products resulting from the proposed work. Ontar has found that there is a large commercial market for products derived from DoD research. Approximately 60% of our total corporate sales are from such products, with 45% of these sales outside the United States. These products are used by over 2500 DoD, industrial and academic institutions.The techniques developed under this program will have many commercial applications in industrial and academic training. Ontar annually conducts several training session throughout the world based on our commercial software products and using a group of experts as instructors. We anticipate using the results of this program in two ways. First as a architecture that we can market to other companies to provide in-house training, and second as a means for us to provide e-commerce training for our software products.