Multi-color VLWIR Focal Plane Array for Space Applications

Period of Performance: 02/03/2003 - 08/02/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Epitaxial Technologies, LLC
1450 South Roling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Principal Investigator


The primary goal of the proposed Phase I SBIR project is to develop low dark current and high sensitivity detectors and FPAs operating at very long wavelengths. We will use innovative combinations of new materials and three-terminal detector concepts to produce detectors having room temperature responsivity greater than 1.0 A/W in the 12-20mm wavelengths range, one order of magnitude improvement over state-of-the-art room temperature, detectors in this wavelength band. In the Phase I project, we will investigate various material and device structures, select the most promising material structure and substrate for the VLWIR detectors and demonstrate a proof-of-the concept by fabricating simple devices. In the Phase II program, we will build upon the technology developed in Phase I to design, fabricate, and tests the prototype VLWIR two-color FPA and demonstrate detector arrays having, high uniformity and detectivities greater than 1E10 cmHz ½/W. This project will result in two products: multi-color far infrared detector arrays and the materials for producing them. VLWIR focal plane arrays will be applicable in space-based imaging arrays and instrumentations such as for MDA?s SBIRS satellites, night vision imaging and battlefield surveillance and target acquisition. Commercial applications include law enforcement night vision imaging, environmental remote sensing and infrared spectroscopy.