Air-transportable, Rapid Production Mixed-base Hydrogen Peroxide System

Period of Performance: 12/20/2002 - 06/20/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Vitok Engineers, Inc.
Louisville, KY 40299
Principal Investigator


Mixed Base Hydrogen Peroxide (MHP) has been utilized and well documented in its application to Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser (COIL) and Airborne Laser (ABL) systems. There is, however, a need to vary recipes of a variety of hydroxides with H2O2 and mix these in a system that is portable. Design of a small scale, air transportable unit, capable of mixing/blending a variety of (MHP) recipes will be completed in Phase I. This unit will be unique in its design in that the components, including instrumentation and controls, are sized/located in a novel manner to assure air transportability with simple and quick assembly/disassembly. VEI has significant experience (35 years) in development of chemical processes, and incorporating these process designs with equipment selection to assure conformance to predetermined size constraints. VEI has outlined a comprehensive Phase I plan for development of process and design of process system equipment to achieve air transportability. This system has the capability to easily be increased in size from 3000 kg per three (3) hours (Phase I parameters) to well over twenty (20) times this volume, which would apply to commercial production and applications. The development of a simple and quick setup, deployable MHP processing system will establish a system capable of being utilized at almost any location. The initial small-scale air transportable unit developed primarily for the military will be extremely useful and beneficial to commercial companies who desire to obtain a pilot (test) facility. This facility can be set up on companies' premises to test the concept of MHP and allow for long-term evaluation of the system and its product(s) to determine applicability for each commercial application. Based upon the initial design and success in prototype testing, commercial scale systems can be designed and developed. This system may be skid mounted (modularized) or, more likely, scaled up to much larger sizes, which would require larger scale, permanently mounted components. While the government applications related to COIL and ABL and propulsion are well known, it is likely that the final products could achieve a wide variety of commercial uses in areas such as textile, polymers, foods, minerals, petrochemicals, waste water applications, and the like.