New Technology EDS Detectors for X-ray Microanalysis

Period of Performance: 01/01/1998 - 12/31/1998


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Photon Imaging, Inc.
19355 Business Center Drive, Suite 8
Northridge, CA 91324


The goal of the proposed work is to develop a novel detector for analytical spectrometry having large active area, high-energy resolution and capable of operating at high counting rates. The proposed detector will be specifically designed for x-ray microanalysis to provide orders of magnitude advancement in the performance over conventional energy dispersive systems. During the Phase 1 effort of this project, we successfully designed, fabricated, and demonstrated a ~2cm2 silicon drift detector (SDD) array. All of the goals of Phase 1 were met, and most were significantly exceeded. Accomplishments included development of a closely spaced array of four 0.5 cm2 SDD elements. Energy resolution of 143 eV FWHM at 5.9 keV was achieved on the best device. All four devices produced energy resolution below 200 eV FWHM. Importantly, these results were obtained at relatively short peaking times and additionally the detectors do not require cryogenic cooling to obtain this performance.