A Seeker Processor Simulating the Columnar Organization of Cortex Areas of Brain

Period of Performance: 10/17/2000 - 04/17/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Compusensor Technology Corp.
352-C Christopher Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Principal Investigator


CST Corporation proposes a novel approach to an integrated signal-processing system for terminal guidance seeker by simulating the columnar organization of mammal's cortex areas of sensory processing. The columnar organization of mammal's cortex exhibits a very efficient way of using the computing and communication resources and an ideal matching of the physical organization with versatile signal/image processes, particularly the adaptive and robust vision processes for target acquisition, tracking, and pointing. The phase I work will develop processor architecture suitable for the imaging sensor based terminal guidance seeker. The functional requirements, the physical constraints, and the technology availability for the terminal guidance seeker of missile will be studied through literature review, computer experiments on key processes, and analysis. Important results from CST's previous work on imager based target detection and tracking will be incorporated into this R&D.Besides this application, the integrated signal-processor is also useful for industrial automation, manufacturing, robot vision and position location, UAV based survey systems and material delivery systems.