Advanced Electrical Power Generation (High Power Non-Super-Conducting)

Period of Performance: 03/23/2001 - 12/23/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Innovative Power Solutions, LLC
373 South Street
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Principal Investigator


Weapon systems of the directed energy type require high electric power. A laser based system will require several Megawatts, usually at low duty-cycle. Another technology is using microwave energy, which requires continuous power of several hundreds Kilowatts. The technical challenge is to develop a lightweight, compact power system that will be designed to operate on aircraft operating from sea level to 20,000 feet. Power considerations for this design will be up to 5 Megawatts, and several duty cycles will be evaluated for an array of potential applications. The opportunity in this program is to develop a conventional generator system, which will favorably compete with super-conducting systems both in terms of size and weight, while being less complicated and significantly less expensive. A generator that will have continuous output of 600-700 kW, to support a microwave based directed energy system, could provide power bursts of up to 1.5 MW and support a laser system. This will allow for a single power source for both applications. An application of this technology could be a current Lockheed-Martin program that requires an output of 1.5MW at 270 VDC, and load duty cycle of 5 seconds "ON", followed by 10 seconds "OFF" repeated 7 times. Potential use as in-flight power source for directed energy loads. May pertain to military and commercial ground and ground mobile/transportable power systems for standby and emergency power. Emergency power for hospitals, telephone companies,and other industries