Design and Fabrication of An Advanced SiC SIT for High Power Transmitter

Period of Performance: 04/26/2001 - 01/26/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

United Silicon Carbide, Inc.
7 Deer Park Drive Suite E
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Principal Investigator


In response to Air Force SBIR Topic No. AF01-222, we propose to design and fabricate advanced SiC SITs based on advanced SiC process technology. The advanced design is expected to lead to (i) substantially reduced complexity in the process and fabrication of SiC SITs, both in critical alignment requirements and in gating structure formation; and (ii) greatly improved signal output stability, efficiency, power density, and high temperature capability. In Phase I, we propose to design, optimize, and compare three different SiC SIT structures including an inverted mode SIT. DC and high frequency characteristics will be systematically studied both at room temperature and 300C. Concentration will be focused on normally-off operation with highest possible power density, efficiency, and bandwidth over a wide temperature range. We also propose to perform experimental work to develop all of the critical process technologies in Phase I. In Phase II, we shall apply the developed technology to fabricate the advanced 4H-SiC SITs and use them to demonstrate the operation of a prototype pulsed transmitter capable of stable output signals at temperatures up to 300 C range. High performance SiC SITs for high frequency, high power and high temperature applications including airborne and space pulsed power transmitters and wireless communication base stations and satellite links.