Web-based Game Design Advisor

Period of Performance: 04/21/2003 - 10/21/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Integrated Knowledge Solutions
3260 S. Williams Street
Englewood, CO 80110
Principal Investigator


Learning environments often fail to stimulate learners to remain engaged in the learning process. This is especially true in distance learning situations where drop out rates range from 30% to 60%. The DoD makes extensive use of distance learning and requires quality computer-mediated learning environments that will stimulate intrinsic motivation. Gaming strategies offer potential solutions however gaming in instruction is not clearly defined nor are principled prescriptive guides currently available for courseware developers. This problem is compounded by a shortage of well-trained and experienced developers of computer-based training. Our overall goal is to define learning environments that support learning and long term retention of higher-level cognitive knowledge and skills. We will provide a performance support tool to guide novice courseware developers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through design and development phases of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) processes. This tool, Game-Based training Advisor for Motivationally Enhanced Distance Education enVironments (GAMEDEV), advises developers in the use of gaming, motivational, and instructional strategies for the production of storyboard content. The Phase I R&D project goal is to demonstrate feasibility of this approach to significantly improve ISD processes and thereby help produce learning environments that stimulate the learner to remain engaged in learning cycles.