Lightweight IMM Multi-Junction Photovoltaic Flexible Blanket Assembly

Period of Performance: 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Deployable Space Systems, Inc.
460 Ward Drive, Suite F
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Principal Investigator


DSS's recently completed successful NASA SBIR Phase 1 program has established a TRL 3/4 classification for an innovative IMM PV Integrated Modular Blanket Assembly (IMBA) that can be rolled or z-folded and enables NASA's emerging high voltage solar electric propulsion (SEP) missions. Significant concept feasibility, design/analysis, trade study/evaluation, and proof-of-concept hardware build/test efforts executed during the NASA SBIR Phase 1 program have validated DSS's IMM PV IMBA technology as a potentially revolutionary flexible photovoltaic blanket assembly that provides high performance in terms of; high voltage operability, high specific power / lightweight (>1000 W/kg BOL at the blanket subsystem level, and >500 W/kg BOL at the array level), compact stowage volume (>50 kW/m3 BOL), rollable or z-foldable for stowage, reliability, modularity & rapid production, flexibility/durability and robustness, affordability, and adaptability to all existing industry flexible blanket solar array products. DSS's IMBA technology also accommodates standard ZTJ PV device technologies to provide significantly improved performance over current state-of-the-art.