Compact, Low Cost APD Arrays with Built-in Optical Amplification

Period of Performance: 01/01/2005 - 12/31/2005


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Epitaxial Technologies, LLC
1450 South Roling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Principal Investigator


The overall goal of this proposed Phase II SBIR program by Epitaxial Technologies is to develop a compact, low-cost, low power, low noise and ultra-sensitive avalanche photodiode (APD) arrays with built-in optical pre-amplification (in addition to internal electrical gain) and having a fill factor and bandwidth of 90% and 5.0 GHz respectively. In Phase I, we established the feasibility of the concept by demonstrating APDs and APDs with built-in optical amplification with 3 GHz bandwidth and estimated NEP of 1 nW. In Phase II, we will build on these results and optimize the novel APD structures and the APD/optical amplifier integration process. To do this, we will design, model and simulate the performance of the APD arrays with built-in optical pre-amplification and optimize the fabrication process for array production. . In particular, a hybridization technique will be developed to integrate the arrays with readout integrated circuits (ROIC) using an innovative bonding technique at the wafer level. Further, we will design, fabricate and test 1 x 16 datacomm photoreceiver arrays with -52 dBm sensitivity at 1E-9 BER and 2.5 Gbps, along with 32 x 32 imaging ladar arrays with 1 pW NEP that are capable of true photon counting.