Small Diesel Engines, JP5 / JP8 Fueled

Period of Performance: 02/01/2002 - 08/01/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Engine Research Assoc., Inc.
3219 Stellhorn Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Principal Investigator


The objective of this program is to establish a spark ignited engine that will run on heavy fuel (JP-5, JP-8) without the need for volatile additives. This internal combustion engine will demonstrate a high power-to-weight ratio, high fuel efficiency, good durability, cold starting capability and low manufacturing cost. The proposed approach will identify required modifications to the commercial Migrating Combustion Chamber (MCC) full expansion engine for heavy fuel operation. This engine uses only three moving parts, operates on a unique, highly efficient, operating cycle and has a zero pressure, quiet and cool exhaust (without a muffler). This type of engine has already demonstrated excellent performance on zero octane fuel (N-Heptane) and has operated on diesel and JP-8 fuels, under a stabilized operating temperature. The proposed configuration for the Phase I Program will be an MCC SIDE full expansion or PISE self-supercharged version. Offering operation on low octane heavy fuels due to its combustion chamber's unique highly turbulent fast burn characteristics. Computer layout and modeling will supplement the analysis. A base line engine design will be completed, fabricated and tested. Five engine prototypes will be delivered. The successful completion of the program will lead to the evolution of innovative, compact, lightweight, powerful, heavy fuel internal combustion engines that will have the attributes of fuel efficiency, smooth operation and good durability. Applications include model aircraft engines, generators, unmanned vehicles, marine vehicles and numerous other commercial vehicles and equipment.