Power Genaration for Gun Launched Interceptors

Period of Performance: 11/28/2001 - 05/30/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Omnitek Partners, LLC
585 Farmdale Road
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
Principal Investigator


The project has the objective of studying the feasibility of a number of novel methods and concepts for electric power generation for high-speed guided gun-launched interceptors and other similar projectiles. A number of the electrical power generation concepts are integrated into the structure of the projectile. As the result, all or a significant portion of the space required to house an equivalent power source can be saved. In addition, the electrical power generation device and its related components are better protected against high acceleration loads, vibration, impact loading, repeated loading and acceleration and deceleration cycles that can be experienced during transportation and loading operations. The emphasis of the project is on the development of electrical power generation devices for supersonic, highly maneuverable, gun launched, guided medium caliber projectiles that are subjected to high firing acceleration loads. The advocated electrical power generation designs that are highly resistance to shock and impact loading greatly reduce the power source space requirement, thereby increasing the space available for electronic and guidance and control gear and payload. The designs would also have commercial application for all disposable electronics and communication devices, particularly those that have to be protected against possible impact and dropping of the device.