Risk-Based Maintenance Strategies to Reduce Total Ownership Costs

Period of Performance: 05/21/2001 - 11/17/2001


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

BMA Engineering, Inc.
11429 Palatine Drive
Potomac, MD 20854
Principal Investigator


The objective of Phase I is to develop a practical methodology and procedure for implementing risk in the decision-making process for structural maintenance and repair. The specific tasks needed to achieve these objectives of the proposed effort can be enumerated as follows: 1. Assessment of Existing Maintenance Strategies for Ship Structures that includes · Assessment of inspection and maintenance strategies in ship structures · Assessment of risk methods · Assessment of total ownership costs 2. Development of Risk-Based Maintenance Strategies for Ship Structures that includes · Development of a plan to utilize experience, engineering judgment, historical data and expert opinion in identification of critical damage modes and sites for selected ship categories · Development of methods for estimating qualitative risk measures at critical locations using event trees · Development of methods for screening and ranking of critical locations · Development of methods for estimating quantitative risk measures at selected critical locations using probabilistic reliability methods and event trees 3. Development of a plan to Utilize Risk Measures for Optimal Planning of Inspections and Maintenance Schedules that includes · Development of models for updating inspection and maintenance plans · Development of a plan for a risk-based maintenance software tool 4. Definition of Software Requirements that includes · Preliminary design of software tool · Demonstration of proposed methodology 5. Demonstration of Methodology for Typical Ship Details that includes · Demonstration of software plan 6. Optional Effort: Definition of Software Requirements, and Prototype Risk Based Management Tool. 7. Development of a plan for Phase II that includes refinement of methodology for software architecture, development of software tool, incorporation of existing guidelines, and demonstration on ship structures. The marine industry needs assistance in managing inspection and maintenance activities in a manner to reduce total ownership cost. There is a need to efficiently identify critical maintenance locations and perform appropriate repairs and fixes. The anticipated products from this SBIR effort are in the form of risk-based maintenance strategies to reduce total ownership costs, and software that would help in meeting the needs of the industry.