Simulation of Radiation Scattering and Coupling Properties of Large Phased Arrays

Period of Performance: 11/30/2001 - 06/03/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Emag Technologies, Inc.
775 Technology Dr. Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Principal Investigator


In this Small Business Innovation Research project, we propose to develop a software tool for the modeling of radiation, scattering and coupling of large phased arrays. The available full-wave simulation techniques require enormous computation time and memory usage when treating large finite-size arrays, while infinite periodic simulators cannot predict the coupling and edge effects accurately. For this project, the object-oriented foundation of EMPiCASSO, an existing antenna design CAD software, will be used and enhanced with a novel technique based on the scatterer and matrix decompositions methods. The proposed technique decomposes the large phased array into smaller segments including inner and outer (edge) subarrays, solves for them separately and recomposes them again for the final solution. The code implementation will further be parallelized for the DoD?s high performance computing platforms. Some validation will be conducted in Phase I on moderately large arrays, which can currently be solved by EMPiCASSO?s moment method simulator. The proposed software tool will be used for the design of phased arrays and large-scale antenna systems. These types of antennas have a variety of applications in both military and civilian communications and sensing systems.