Portable, Modular System for Mixed Caustic Production

Period of Performance: 08/12/2003 - 02/12/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

TDA Research, Inc.
12345 W. 52nd Ave. Array
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Principal Investigator


The chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) is a promising new weapon system with potential to rapidly vaporize missile casings in flight. Advanced testing of the system requires relatively large quantities of the oxygen source, a mixed-base hydrogen peroxide (MHP). Unfortunately, the MHP is unstable at ambient temperatures and must therefore be prepared on site at the COIL test facilities and, ultimately, at points of COIL deployment. To minimize the logistics burden, the various caustic solutions that are blended with the peroxide must also be prepared on site from locally purified water and solid hydroxides. Since the target mixtures are near phase boundaries, the concentrations of the various components must be accurately controlled to avoid precipitation. TDA Research, Inc. (TDA) therefore proposes to design a fully automated, versatile, robust, modular, and portable facility for the production of accurate and precise concentrations of both individual and mixed caustics that are needed for the onsite production of MHP. The preliminary design incorporates redundant mixing capacity, allows for the accurate preparation of an infinite range of mixed caustic compositions, and allows continued operation even in the event of failure of or damage to any main component. At the end of the Phase I project, we propose to have a design ready for prototype construction in Phase II. COIL systems may also be used industrially for rapid cutting of large sheets of construction materials in, for example, shipbuilding and large aircraft manufacture. These applications will also require on-site production of MHP, and the same modular, portable caustic production facilities developed under this project would be ideal.