Period of Performance: 03/18/2002 - 09/19/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Security Structures LLC
5188 Chesapeake Ave
Shady Side, MD 20764
Principal Investigator


Small craft traveling in rough water experience vertical accelerations from wave impacts that cause short and long term personnel injuries. A boat can be designed to withstand the environment, but the speed-limiting factor is the tolerance of the human body to injuries and fatigue. Military and rescue craft often depend on speed for a successful mission. A number of companies have developed shock-mitigated seats for sitting. Our phase I proposal evaluates a shock mitigating standing platform for our three position seat/bolster. Standing is the preferred position when traveling in rough water because it allows you to hold on and flex your arms and legs to absorb the wave impacts. Our company manufactures three-position seat/bolsters for sitting, leaning and standing. These seat/bolsters hold the occupants in place. A shock mitigating platform option would reduce wave impact forces transmitted through the surface the user is standing on. Mathematical calculations show we can reduce the g level impacts by half, using a 5-inch shock mitigating travel. This proposal includes designing and building a prototype seat/bolster with shock-mitigating capabilities. The shock-mitigation systems' performance will be documented through extensive sea testing. A proven shock mitigation system that protects small craft personnel from injuries would be demanded in military, rescue and occupationally hazardous marine operations. This technology would generate a worldwide market demand. Rescue operation travel time could be decreased. Speeds normally restricted to protect the boat occupants from injuries could be increased. Military and rescue personnel could arrive at their destination ready for the mission, instead of fatigued or injured.