Modeling Damaged Agent Filled Containers with Incompressible Turbulent Flow and Moving Boundaries

Period of Performance: 05/29/2003 - 02/29/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Essential Knowledge Systems
117 Clements Ave
Starkville, MS 39759
Principal Investigator


hyIn order to meet the higher order accuracy requirements of Counter Proliferation community, Essential Knowledge Systems in collaboration with its consultant Dr. Z. U. A. Warsi will develop an accuracy selectable suite of flow solvers suitable for incompressible flow analysis with a liquid equation of state. Modern software design principles including a component-based model will be used. These suites are based on compact numerical schemes that are mathematically similar to each other. Each numerical scheme is highly accurate and yet computationally efficient. A hybrid grid formulation cast with respect to a moving frame of reference will be used. The proposed numerical scheme will be coupled with a six-degree of freedom motion solver for computing body motions. Suitable turbulent modeling strategies are presented. Efficient parallel implementations will be developed during Phase II. Proposer will develop single processor 3D versions during Phase I, extensively study numerical properties, computational accuracy and computational issues as well as benchmark against known 2D and 3D exact solutions, numerical solutions such as backward facing step and driven cavity, and experimental results such as flow past a circular cylinder and sphere. Deliverables include all data generated including the source and object codes of the entire software suite. The anticipated benefits of the proposed work is the high accuracy solver that will fill a void being felt in the counter proliferation community. This software suire will be extensible and will have interfaces for other software that the Sponsor may have. It will enable high accuracy computations of complex flow fields that involve two phase flows and cavitation caused by a moving body. Further extensions to other flow fields can be easily accomplished because of the flexible software design. Applications of this software to other commercial areas include fluid flows of interest to the medical community, MEMS, micro and nano fluidics.