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SBIR Source is an engagement platform for emerging high-tech companies and their innovative technologies. We empower small high-tech companies to advance their innovations through the Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

We provide a rich set of data, tools, and analysis designed to connect these companies with the information, investors, partners, and professional expertise they need to succeed.

SBIR Source was founded in 2013 by experienced SBIR participant Dr. Chris Jones and experienced entrepreneur and software executive Darren Rush.

The Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs

For the past three decades, the SBIR program has been a national driver of new business creation and industry-changing technology development. Annually, the SBIR and STTR programs provide over $2.5 Billion in non-dilutive R&D funding. This funding is available exclusively to small high-tech companies with the aim of commercializing innovative technologies meeting national needs.

These highly competitive programs are the largest federal source of early stage technology development funding available in the U.S. SBIR/STTR funding is available from 11 Federal Agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy.

From healthcare to energy to national defense, SBIR and STTR participants are inventing the future. SBIR Source helps you get to know these innovative emerging companies and their technologies.

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SBIR Source Overview

SBIR Source's comprehensive database of SBIR activities, best-in-class search functionality, and valuable analytics provides our users with clear insights into this valuable funding program.

We are currently tracking more than 20,000 SBIR participants and 140,000 awards, with more being added on a regular basis. We support your business by making the navigation of SBIR and STTR program awards, participants, sponsors, solicitations, and trends as integrated and easy as possible.

High-tech businesses, investors, professional service providers, and more use SBIR Source to grow their businesses through an insightful understanding of the SBIR and STTR programs.

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Large businesses use SBIR Source to identify innovative technologies and connect with the companies behind them. This connection with emerging technologies helps those at larger organizations supplement and advance their own technology and business needs.
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Small technology businesses use SBIR Source to gain a competitive advantage in securing SBIR/STTR funding. They are able to research and understand the funding opportunities and sponsors, assess the competition, and identify key strategic partners. This in-depth understanding of the SBIR/STTR program enables them to dramatically improve their proposal win-rate and capture highly competitive funding to grow their businesses.
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Venture capital, private equity, and investing banking firms use SBIR Source to gather information on and connect with early stage technology companies with traction through non-dilutive SBIR/STTR funding. This market intelligence provides them with a detailed picture of emerging technology trends and leading companies for potential investment or acquisition.
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Professional service providers use SBIR Source to keep close tabs on the funding activities of their existing clients as well as identify new clients in their target demographic. Knowing exactly who has funding for what enables them to contact clients at exactly the time their services are in need.

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Your own personalized dashboard provides salient summary information to keep you on top of SBIR activities.

  • Quick links to firms you are watching.
  • Links to suggested searches.
  • Snapshot of recent statistics and awards in your state.
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Search for SBIR & STTR awards, participants, and people using our best-in-class search functionality to to find exactly the type of information you are looking for.

  • Search for firms, awards, or people
  • Rich search filters to find exactly what you want
  • Multiple results sorting options
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Detailed firm profiles providing details on the activities of your own firm, as well as your peers and competitors.

  • Corporate information such as address, website, and number of employees
  • Summary of total value and numbers of awards won
  • Full awards history
  • Key personnel rosters with contact information
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Detailed award profiles giving you insights in all SBIR-funded programs.

  • Full award abstract, funding amount, and period of performance
  • Affiliated key personnel
  • Relevant keywords linking to searches to find related work
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Summary state reports overviewing recent SBIR and STTR activities for each state.

  • Listing of top active small businesses participants
  • Listing of top active STTR-participating research institutions
  • Recent awards made to firms in the state
  • Recent firms in the state receiving their first award
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